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100 % Silk face covering, the front & back of your face covering is created with  silk layers and there is a cotton middle layer, this is a pleated design.


These are washable, super soft and comfortable to wear. Each face covering comes with a silk storage / washing bag.


Thank you for supporting my #smallandmightybusiness !


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Below are the details for wearing your mask, I’m sure it’s obvious to you all! 😉


Fitting your mask - Find the right length in the ear elastic for your face shape, adjust the knot accordingly and tuck into the fabric.


How to wash your mask - Hand wash.

Gently shape with your hands and leave to dry naturally and if possible, finish with a steam iron.


Just to mention, these are obviously not a medically approved mask.


" Feels so good and so lightweight! I love the touch of glamour. "

Luxurious 100% Silk created from Vintage Scarves

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