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100 % Linen % Cotton Face Masks with wire nose covering, variety of colours & prints.


Linen is one of the purest fabrics available and contains natural bacterial properties.


These are washable and comfortable to wear.


Also good for glassses wearers as the nose wire can help prevent with steaming up!


They are made with 3 durable layers and millinery wire is stiched in place so you can gently fit to your nose shape.


3 sizes available S, M, L


S is suitable for young adults and small face shapes, medium seems good for most ladies and L for gents.


Children's can be made on request 


Millinery elasticated ear loops which can be altered to fit.





Thank you for supporting my #smallandmightybusiness !


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Below are the details for wearing your mask, I’m sure it’s obvious to you all! 😉


Fitting your mask - Find the right length in the ear elastic for your face shape, adjust the knot accordingly and tuck into the fabric.


How to wash your mask - you can either machine wash or hand wash.

Gently shape with your hands and leave to dry naturally and if possible, finish with a steam iron.


If you would like a carry bag for your mask please let me know or alternatively you can use a make up pouch ! Great for keeping your mask clean in your car/ handbag etc..


Just to mention, these are obviously not a medically approved mask.


" I feel like I could wear this for a while as it is so comfortable "

100 % Linen face coverings for all the family

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