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Whilst young children do not have to wear the face coverings some parents are making their own desicions, here is a way of making these bloomin' things a little bit more fun.


I will send you a made face covering in a colour of your choice and you will receieve a selection of pretty embellishments which can be stitched or fabric glued to the fabric.

your little one encouraging their own creativity and unique finished designs.


I would really love to see your photographs if you are happy to share. Before my days of being known as the Hat Lady I went by the name of Looby Lou who loved all things magical & sparkly, with all these strange things happening around us all I decided it was a good time to introduce her again !


When placing your order, write the Linen fabric colour pink, lavender, orange, yellow, bright blue, pale blue, navy into the notes box.  


If you would like a red, purple or green floral fabric from the designs on the website thats fine too!

Children's Face Cover Kit - great gifts!

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